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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Blanket For Every Age

We are ever so delightfully otherwise engaged around these parts with the new grandchild
Could I please direct your attention to the beautiful blanket beneath the stunning babe.
This was made by my sister-in-law following the squares from my "Knit With Me" series.
This was a serious of posts that I did featuring various knitting stitch panels.
She has applied herself with far more discipline than I have and completed several of these sampler blankets for close friends and family members in various colourways.
Her nephew is a very lucky boy and I treasure that this will be something that he can keep with him all through his growing years.

I imagine him at 5 yrs cuddled up with it in front of the TV
I imagine him at 14yrs with it across his lap as he finishes a school assignment
I imagine him at 17yrs at the rowing or the football 
I imagine him at 20 yrs with it on the back seat of his first car
I imagine him at 30yrs with it wrapped around his own child......

Photo credit goes to Tegan and is entitled "Sleeps Like a Cactus" (good grief)


  1. A sweet photo of a precious baby!

  2. Oh that is a cuuuuuuute baby! And the blanket is lovely too. So nice to have something handmade and precious to wrap a precious in.

  3. Sweet baby, but ER-HEM...I adore that sampler blanket and now MUST make one. I clicked on your 2010 "Knit With Me" post and saw the Knitting Dictionary book, which at one time I owned. I wonder what happened to that book? I may still own it since my quilting-knitting-cross-stitch-rug-making closet is about waist-high with projects I'll never finish. It's a task, cleaning out that closet, that I put off year after year, thinking "next year; I'll do it next year." Well, the number of next years is running down on me. I hope this post (of adorable babe) motivates me to get with it and clean out that closet. Maybe I'll find the book! I'm definitely going to think about making the sampler.


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