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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Winner Tomato Sauce Recipe

Rich, red, spicey, 
a winner of a recipe from
"Preserving" by Oded Schwartz
This book is more usually sold through those books to buy in lunch rooms thingy.
If you can source a copy DO NOT hesitate, I can't recommend it highly enough for great recipes, clear step by step photos, tips and rules of ALL types of preservation.

This sauce is reduced a couple of times throughout the process but so worth the few hours it will take. Once you've got your big batch done you are all set for the rest of the year and if you've made a really huge batch and followed the instructions properly, this sauce will last on the shelf up to 2 years because of the added vinegar to increase the acid content.

Note the bottom right hand corner of the page....
A Damson variation!!
What a great follow on from the last post about Damsons!
You can see another reason why I love this book. Just look at the way the recipe is laid out with descriptions and tips on the left and important information in point form on the right.

A fantastic book.
I started this post back on the 4th and got as far as the first sentence when I got a text message to say
"Mum they are wheeling me into the labour ward now, get here quick"
So this post may be coming a bit too late for those dealing with piles of tomatoes as they are finishing here now but do give this recipe a try next year.

7lb 11oz


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have this book at home as well (purchased from one of the lunchroom bookshop things) and it is fantastic, highly recommended for a novice like me! I'm making the sauce recipe today with my leftover tomatoes so good to hear that you recommend it

  2. oh tanya..the sauce looks wonderful but not as gorgeous as your grandson..x

  3. That HAIR! What a precious head of hair on an even more precious baby. I think my daughter was close to two years before she had that much hair. I bet it's soft and sweet smelling, just like a baby's head should be.

  4. Your grandson steals the blog. I couldn't help but just look at him and look at him and look at him. He is so handsome and precious. What a blessing!

  5. Must keep an eye out for the book Tanya, looks like a great reference.
    Congrats on the arrival of Julien he looks like one very contented bub......

    Claire x


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