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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Worcestershire Sauce From Foraged Apples

We had a wonderful warm, sharing night at our last Living Better With Less meet up last Thursday.
Our new venue provided by Bridgette Watts and her partner was a huge success and I can see some great sessions to come. A small kitchenette will mean that we can do some hands on preserving and soap making in the months to come.
The Urban Farm Tas group also had crates of apples and pears that they had picked that day surplus to farm requirements and Cindy brought along her Worcestershire sauce for a taste test that is ideally made with foraged apples - BONUS!
Again the sauce was a real hit so here is the recipe again....

(Extracted from SJ blog 01.10.13)
"I was extremely impressed with the taste and the simplicity of the recipe.
Cindy believes the secret of this sauce lies in the apple and she used foraged apples from the side of the road which are typically less sweet than the commercially grown ones.

Here is the recipe....
It was from a CWA book and credit goes to Maty Coleman Rosebud Branch VIC.

Worcester Sauce
1kg of apples
1/4 clove garlic
1 cup salt
4 1/2 Lt of vinegar
100g ground allspice
100g peppercorns
100g whole ginger
2 fresh red chillies
1 1/2 cups treacle

Cut up the apples and garlic coarsely. Cover with water and boil to a pulp, then strain through a colander into a large pan.
Gradually add the vinegar to the strained liquid. Add all the other ingredients except the treacle and boil for 2 1/2 hours.
Add the treacle and boil for another 30 minutes.
Strain and bottle. Store in a cool dark place. Keeps well.
Makes about 2 cups."

The Urban Farming Tas group also brought along their seed box (isn't it magnificent?) of free seed to share. This is just the autumn/winter planting selection! They are a great not for profit food sovereignty group who encourage, share, feed, garden and distribute food and seed. 
They will be holding a share market at Bracknell Tasmania next Sunday to celebrate International Permaculture Day. You can find the details here. Among the planned activities will be soap making, basket weaving, worm farming and seed sharing.
I'll be there for sure.


  1. This looks like the recipe that I use also. We have almost finished our last batch, so looks like I'll be getting the big pot out again soon. Great box of seeds also.

  2. Love homemade worchestershire! That seed box is fantastic :)

  3. Have to try that Worcester sauce recipe - we love that sauce around here! I'd like to start coming along to your Living Better sessions Tanya - I've recovered enough from last year to do so, I think. When & where is the next one?

    1. Also sent to your email address Susie -
      So good to hear from you Susie. We’ll be meeting up again next on the 29th May (Thurs) at 3 Charles St South from 7-9pm. It’s a little lane that runs off the roundabout right at the very end of Charles St at the hospital end. We suggest parking in Howick St as it is just around the corner. The building is an architect’s conversion of an old storehouse (?). It has the word “BOCK” still on the front of it. Would love to see you and the group could certainly benefit from your vast experience.
      Love Tanya x

  4. wow I would never have thought worstershire sauce had apples in it!


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