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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beyond The Freezer

Not another jar of jam!
Tonight I am doing another workshop at 
Fresh cafe from 7-9 
(if my daughter doesn't have her baby!)

and I am talking about different ways to preserve food. I'm excited to get people to think beyond sticking food, especially food in glut, into freezers, and certainly not another jar of jam either.

We'll be discussing pickling, fermenting, dehydrating and different ways of excluding oxygen to prevent spoilage. We'll be taste testing natural ferment beetroot and learning how to preserve fresh olives and what apricots look like dried without sulphur. 
It's free and supporting the 


  1. If only I lived closer! You look radiant by the way.

  2. oh how awesome - you do such interesting things, I too wish I lived closer.

  3. Me too. Inspiring and handy tips for the busy kitchen.

  4. That sounds like a huge amount of fun!


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