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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tub Teas, Herbal Teas and Cupboard Sachets - Free Talk

I'm harvesting calendula for many projects. When it's dried it looks like sunshine in a jar.
I've made a batch of soap with some of the petals and will put some aside for salve but I am also requiring it for a talk I am doing at ut si market this Saturday (weather permitting) from 10-10.30.

Jasmine is flourishing too and I am plucking rose petals.
These will be dried also and be added to a mix for herbal tub teas.
I'm also drying raspberry leaf and chamomile and peppermint for home made herbal teas.
I'll also be talking about these on Saturday.

I'm harvesting artemisia absinthium more commonly known as wormwood which has great insect repelling properties. I'll be demonstrating how to make insect repelling sachets for your cupboards to protect linens and clothing using dried wormwood, huon pine shavings, lavender and cloves.

So if you live locally in Tasmania, pop down to the growers market at ut si cafe, Main Rd Perth (Tas). The market goes from 8-12 and I'll be doing a talk 10-10.30 on harvesting flowers and herbs and what to do with them. There will be some great ideas for  home made Christmas gifts too.
And it's free


  1. How I would love to attend your talk on Saturday because it sounds so interesting. I enjoy reading about your projects.

  2. Oh gosh I wish I could pop over.... those calenduah petals looks fantastic. I tried to grow calenduah, and had a few little pathetic flowers, but they went to seed before I could harvest the ten petals! Hopefully they will self seed and I can gather a harvest to make some salve. Your tub tea looks awesome.

  3. Your talk sounds like it would be AMAZING!!! I so wished I lived closer... :)

    I'm super keen to hear about the 'wormwood' insect repellent though... I have just propagated a wormwood plant and am itching to start using it - it's flourishing... :)

    Hugs... xx

  4. There are many times i wish i lived in Tasmania. This is one of them. Dont forget to post and put recipes on for those of us on the main land and os. Gosh, your baskets must smell beautiful.

  5. I would love to be there, but will be helping The Boy pack the car before he leaves... forever... wretched children. There is really no excuse for them to leave home. There should be rules..
    I love the idea of the wormwood sachets. Brilliant! I will track down an artemisia bush..

  6. Oh if only I were closer! I shared a link with this info and blog post on my Facebook page. :)

  7. Sunshine in a jar sounds wonderful Tanya. Love to see what you're up to and it all sounds great.
    Recently pulled my Wormwood plant out.....had I known, oh well!
    Hope you have lots of folk turn up for your talk it certainly sounds informative.

    Claire X


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