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Monday, November 11, 2013

Gifts for Knitters

Gifting yarn to a knitter is always loved and appreciated but chances are their stash is already overwhelming. There are plenty of other ideas for knitters that I bet you haven't thought of....
Like these adorable hand made needle books. Knitters need sewing and darning needles too and it's wonderful to have their own dedicated safe space in the work box.

(back view)

These beauties were custom made for me by Sweet Birdy Love. To see more of this charming work check out Claire's blog here and her facebook page here. 

Unique buttons are another great gift for knitters. They dress up scarves and cowls as well as being used for cardys and capelets.

These gift tags are another idea to give a knitter. These came from Jellywares now trading solely on line. Jodie used to have a shop in outback NSW but with three little ones now commitments mean it is easier to work from home. Every time I order she always pops a little gift in. She also has a facebook page here.

Other ideas also include project tote bags for knitting on the go. Storage for needles. Some options are decorative wine bottle holders, you know, the ones made from carved wood for single or double bottles. Multi-layer/drawer toolboxes are another. These are handy for knitters who have straight needles, double pointed needles and circular needles.

But the piece de resistance for a sock knitter is.....

A wooden sock darning mushroom.
This magnificent present was made for me by my dear friend Cliff from Tasmanian Blackwood and makes darning hand knitted socks a dream.
If you are a wood worker or know one, see if you can cajole one of these old fashioned beauties.
So there are a few ideas for knitters.


  1. Always enjoy your posts Tanya, thoughtful and relevant

  2. I feel like learning to knit just so I can buy myself one of Claire's little needle books!

  3. A great list of knitter gifts! I love the buttons and the darning mushroom.

  4. Great pressies :)) Love the wooden buttons, always a special part of a garment when they have been made from the bush :)) I still have my mums mushroom for mending socks, Not many ppl do that these days..
    Thanks for stopping by my blog Tanya have a great week.., :))

  5. They are lovely ideas, I think I might have to drop a few hints to my family.

  6. Oh thanks for the shout out the wooden buttons and the mushroom.....great gift ideas along with Jodie's tags. Love the humour in them.

    Claire x

  7. Hi Tanya,
    Just wondering whether your friend Cliff takes orders for darning mushrooms? I cannot find mine anywhere (it was bought in Tassie many years ago) and would dearly like another one.
    Cheers, Sarah


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