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Monday, September 2, 2013

Spring and Fall

Spring and Fall
it's very much on everyone's minds and blogs at the moment.
In the northern hemisphere everyone is talking about tomato harvests and shortening days.
Here in the southern hemisphere the birds have changed their song and buds are bursting.

How appropriate that I went to the Paul Kelly "Spring and Fall" concert last week.
The tour is to promote his first new album in 5years and it was amazing.
I have played this new one over and over.
It is designed to be played in order from start to finish and is a collection of songs that tell the tale of exciting new love and the journey over time till the relationship sours. The final song "Little Aches and Pains" sees the artist come through to the other side of bitterness when time has healed the wounds.
It's very hard for me to pick a favourite from the album but I found a great acoustic version of "Little Aches and Pains" performed with nephew Dan Kelly on a Melbourne Tram.
If you get a chance do listen to the album.


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  1. I love Paul Kelly.. His iconic lyrics...such a legend!!


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