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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Devilled Eggs

Youngest daughter was having a retro Tupperware party and asked me to bring devilled eggs or also known as savoury eggs. I thought I would look up a couple of recipes to get some inspiration for a couple of different sorts....
and I have quite a few cookbooks spanning great ages. If I had time I would have contacted my good friend Kylie at Lucy Violet Vintage
she is a retro food queen and do check out her reproductions and challenges, they are a crack up.

There may be a recipe in a Margaret Fulton cook book somewhere but it occurs to me that perhaps each family just had there own way of doing savoury eggs. For those who have never made them, boil your eggs till just hard and allow to cool and peel. Slice the eggs in half very carefully placing the yolks in a bowl.
When I was little I remember my grandmother using a couple of knobs of butter and Keens curry powder.
For mine I mashed in some butter and a little home made tomato relish, mixing to a smooth paste.

You could simply spoon the yolk mix back into the white halves but for something a bit flash pipe them.
I bought this professional piping bag about 20 years ago when I was working in homewares and it was a terrible price, at least $20-$30, but so worth it. It is made of a special coated fabric which is easy to handle, fill and clean. The nozzles simply slip into the end. This type of piping system is for piped mashes, choux pastry, meringue and cream. This is a forever product. Be sure to rinse the nozzle straight away because the sulphur in the egg yolks reacts with metal.

You can see the that the mixture is easy to pipe, not too stiff and not too soft and holds it's shape. I remember people from my childhood decorating them with a few balls if fish roe or simply parsley pieces or like in the top photo, sliced stuffed green olives.
Does your family still make savoury eggs?
What is your families version?


  1. You make eggs look so yummy :))

  2. I call these stuffed eggs.

    I add worcestorshire sauce, mayonnaise and tomato sauce.

    But no plastic tupperware for me. oh no! I have purpose made stuffed egg plates--2 glass and 1 china. They have half egg shape moulds and in the centre there is room for a dip or chips...whatever. One is dark yellow glass. Kitch but perfect retro. Watch the charity shops and buy one for yourself.

    Everyone loves my eggs. I made them for Australia Day this year and following the praise have given one plate to my niece.

  3. We usually have Anchovy Eggs, by adding anchovy sauce to taste - to the yolks. Yours looked 'just the stuff'.

  4. Queen? Ummmm, not quite, but thanks for the compliment Tanya (actually I'm not sure calling me the queen of retro cooking is a compliment really...)
    I need to get myself a piping bag - using a plastic sandwich bag with a corner cut off doesn't cut it! Your eggs look delish, perfect for a retro Tupperware party.

  5. If deviled eggs didn't give me such shocking wind I'd be hanging on to this recipe!

    My Mum had the Tala piping set, you know the metal ones that looked like a overgrown syringe? We always used it for making shortbread. mmmmm......

  6. Oh I love savoury eggs, but don't think I've ever made them.
    Have a little plate similar to Wongwear's just for eggs.
    I would like to make them, but chookies aren't laying at the moment.

    CLaire x

  7. We called them curried eggs and they've been a staple party food in my house since I can remember when. My Nanna made them, my mum makes them and I make them too and since my kids all love them I will continue to make them. Ours are curry powder and mayonnaise and preferably with homemade mayo which Nanna made and I make so lots of extra goodness. :) I wonder if I could make my own curry powder too. Completely homemade curried eggs. :D

  8. These actually aren't terribly uncommon here in the States. We call them deviled eggs and mix the yolk with mayo and spices. I probably see them around once a year at some kind of gathering.

  9. These actually aren't terribly uncommon here in the States. We call them deviled eggs and mix the yolk with mayo and spices. I probably see them around once a year at some kind of gathering.


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