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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Boy's Own

There is not much on offer for cards for men and even less for boys in that middle teens bracket. This is definitely an opportunity for a make your own. Using a collage approach means you can be far more personal. 
I know an inspiring young man turning 18 today. He is funny, passionate, intelligent and a sharp dresser.
He is in his final year of school and hopes to study international law. He is currently studying French, won a music scholarship a couple of years ago and is passionate about opera and classical music. Choosing the components of this card for him was very easy and have come from bits of scrap card, an old book about the war years, some old music sheet, buttons and a piece of tape measure.
It is so him!


  1. what a clever gathering of items! a thoughtful commemoration of an apparently special young man.

  2. i love scrap booking so this approach is not alien to what you have done...he will too i am sure XXX


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