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Friday, August 31, 2012

Pink and Aqua for Spring

Thanks everyone for a great discussion yesterday.
even last night at our Better Living Group it was further debated.
But now for something inane and trivial....

I give you Spring.....

With something for the sheep shearer....

This could turn out to be the theme for Christmas this year I think.

See that rabbit coming out of the hat? It's a toothpick holder (for my olives for Martinis don't you know) Isn't he nifty, I love Alessi design 


  1. Very pretty Tanya. My faves: the blue jug and sugar bowl (Bessemer?), the lovely plate in the second pic and of course your Alessi toothpick holder.

    So, if your husband's the Bunnikins shearer, are you the glamourous lady in pink? I have visions of you floating round the house Martini in hand...

  2. In reply to Kylie;
    Oh yes...I hadn’t thought about that. I do THINK I am glamorous when I am swanning with martini in hand LOL. The lady in pink is actually called “Emma” and I bought her for my daughter (same name) many years ago and she will go to her home one day when she is properly set up in a house of her own. She is just flatting with others at the moment. I adore Bessemer Ware and have lots of mustard (some from my grandmother) and light blue, olive, rusty-colour and I even have a small jug in a cobalt blue. It’s so funny that my Grandmothers had extremes. My maternal grandmother used mustard Bessemer Ware for her everyday “crockery” and my paternal grandmother used the blue and white deco print plates for everyday “Envoy by Royal Doulton” that are also on the dresser at the moment.

  3. I love the rabbit shearing the sheep. What's his history?

  4. What a beautiful collection of china! Greetings from Scotland.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I like Bezemer ware Tanya. My friends mother had lots of mustard.
    Those pink cups remind me of my Mum. We had yellow cups like that.
    Beautifully presented Tanya.
    Shades f your former career?


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