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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Living Better in August

You may have noticed I have been a bit quiet lately and there is definitely a paucity of posts and comments on your blogs too. I have been very busy planning and scheming. All sorts of projects on the go as I plan for Christmas.
You can all collectively groan 
when you are frugal and simple you have to be practical.
Christmas must be planned and hand made equals time.

I am currently working on a recipe book that I hope the family will like but I'll not lie to you, it has been VERY time consuming. You could make one too. 
Have a look at Blurb, it is one of the photo book sites that allows you to create and publish your own book. There are many templates, sizes and styles and you can design it to your own budget too. 

Soap is the other item that has to be made a couple of months out from Christmas as it takes time to cure. I am hoping to be snowed under next month making soaps and bath bombs.

Knitted and crocheted items also take time and slippers and dishcloths need to be stockpiled now.

Plan seedlings and cuttings too so that they have established roots and growth.

Perhaps you dried herbs and jars of those would be appreciated I'm sure.

And then there is the baking and preserving. With lemons so plentiful soon, this is the time of year that I make preserved peel (and I know a boy who would love a large bag full for Christmas).

I am working on next years' calendar and also my new Christmas range.

So that is what we'll be talking about when we meet for our
 Better Living Group
Thursday 30th August
at the 
Cock and Bull Pub
in Launceston

Here is some more ideas from 
 and they even have a printable to help you with your planning.


  1. I am feeling so guilty about our beautiful heavy laden lemon tree Tanya. The more lemons I pick, the more I give away, the more fruit it seems to bear! And they are luscious lemons too. Myer/Lemonade mix, I think. Could you please tell me (or a send a good link) how to preserve peel. Any other good ideas for using them? Recipes call for such a small amount...
    Your hand-made gifts look beautiful x

    p.s. I've already made marmalade.

  2. Good on you Tanya. I love to prepare for Christmas and find with all the Folk Festival work I also need to plan and prepare early.
    Your work looks wonderful and I'd love to see th cookbook.

  3. A timely reminder about Christmas and getting prepared, thank you Tanya!Thank you also for all those great ideas :-)

  4. Great post!

    I'm eager to learn more about how you make soap. It looks interesting.

  5. I'll admit to a little groan at first, but when I continued reading I completely forgave you for mentioning Christmas in August!
    Well done for being so organised.

  6. You have been busy and I think we are all the same at the moment.

  7. I have a million lemons as well, and I am going to try the candied lemon peel recipe from The Cook's Companion. I have already made marmalade and lemon curd. Have you ever made lemon cordial? This week I made my grandmother's Christmas cake recipe and drenched it in brandy for a few days. I am sending it home with my Mum for Christmas. She is visiting from interstate, and so I have been forced to think about Chrismas early. Good thing too. I am now going to be potting up some succulents for friends..


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