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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Garlic of Lewisham

Garlic is harvested and ready to go now and if you are travelling between Campbell Town and Ross on the Midlands Highway, take the opportunity to stop in at "Lewisham" and choose from three different varieties that they grow organically.

The ever popular "Tasmanian Purple".

The garlic is crop rotated every year and grown without any pesticides or fungicides (Rae Young's discussions about soil health and microbiome positively make my head spin but excite me at the same time!) and hand weeded.

."Spanish Red"

As you can see from the photos, the Midlands is a very dry area and lends itself to very good bulb growing, however it would be a fallacy to think they don't require any water, and conservation methods are employed on the farm.

"White Velvet"

Shopping this way allows you to
a) choose varieties specifically for your taste and cooking
b) buy enough to store and see you through most of the year
c) perfect for planting if you would like to try some home growing yourself as they have not been sprayed with any sprouting retardant.
d) buy cheaper and save money
and not the least importantly,
e) support a local farmer.

So look out for the bright red garlic sign below the property name. Go through the open gate on the western side of the highway and travel a short distance around the bend past the little cottage, till you see the small tin shed with the garlic sign on it.
There are a couple of ways to pay, you can leave cash or make a direct deposit and all the details are in the shed. 
Once you get your garlic home, keep it in any airey, dry, dark place so it will last for months and months.

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