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Monday, January 29, 2018

An Australian Weekend

I think when most people look back on this Australia Day weekend they'll remember
stinkin' hot really. The sort when you get about 2 or 3 hours sleep and toss and turn the rest of the night moving around the mattress trying to find a bit of cold sheet.

Naturally, in this heat, we invited half the town round for roast lamb!
I exaggerate of course...we were 11 at table and sat in air conditioned comfort. 

As ever, I forgot the camera in the rush of food prep so you won't see the beautiful green and gold water jugs filled with tinkling ice or the beautiful contributions that made it a truly shared feast.

The Shearer dug some lovely fresh potatoes to roast and join with fresh garden salad and herb filled tangy, tabbouleh.

The next day, we headed to the river and sat in the gentle flow on pebbly shallows in dappled shade of an ancient pine with only a few curious sheep coming down to the waters edge. Even the birds were laying low in the glaring sun.

I'm a tad concerned that the harvested garlic will in fact dehydrate to a dried garlic in this shed heat. The girls have gone a bit off the lay and I don't blame them a bit!

We've got in 40 bales of pea straw and we are mulching madly.

The pasture has declined in the paddock also so Neil is munching on a large round bale of straw.
Tonight we are expecting 1-1.5 inches of rain and I can't wait.


  1. Ah, I noticed in my diary that it was Australia Day. It's lovely to see how you celebrated it, Tanya. Such gorgeous flowers. :)

  2. We are having a lovely (relatively) cool Summer here. Apparently no 40 degree days here in the West in January to look forward to. What a tragedy! Not! x

  3. Oh Tanya, what a lovely surprise! I haven't blogged for ages either (or even looked at it!) so when I actually looked at my blog list this morning and saw that you've been busily posting of your doings, I had to say hi!!! Its funny because I drove past your place several times each month last year - always craning my neck to see your adorable cottage and what you'd been up to in the garden and wondering how you were. I'm hearing you on the busy front....maybe it was something about 2017 because it. was. hectic. Im hoping this year will be quieter and so far so good.
    Your quilt looks delightful and very impressive indeed. My girls and I all love Brambly Hedge and we even call our 'preserves shelf' in our shed, The Store Stump! 'Just pop out to the Store Stump and grab a bottle of apples, please.' Haha. You are so blessed with your sweet cottage and garden in such a lovely old town - my dream ;)
    I too have struggled with my blog but more with taking a new direction with it. Im not at home as much, Im not gardening or sewing as much, my thoughts are not on nesting and nurturing anymore. Im looking outward. And inward. And wonder how to start blogging about an almost whole new way of life - should I keep the existing blog or start over or just stop?!! So true, too, that the blogging world has changed completely with the advent of Instagram - I see so many former bloggers that only use instagram now and wonder if thats where its at since it is actually easier. I so desperately needed to blog in the beginning and it was a lifeline at the time allowing me to write and share thoughts and photos. Dear me, I think this all needs some rumination and maybe a good discussion!
    Oh there's so much I want to comment on but had better keep this short(er)
    Sending you loads of bright shiny and inspiring vibes from Sheffield. xx Evi xx


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