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Monday, October 10, 2016

Not Too Fowl

Welcome to the new chook yard, come on in and let me show you our latest project.
It's very rustic and recycled but the girls seem happy.

Our dear old ladies still have the run of the paddock but we will be getting some day olds soon and we wanted a smaller enclosure for them to grow up in and occasionally it might be handy to have the flock contained anyway.

Do you remember the falling down shed that we renovated? We have the fowl house located at the right hand side and the nesting box protruding into the main shed with an easy access lift up lid and vermin proof feed store. There is also a door for the human cleaners to enter and easily shovel and clean the nice new cement floor.

Adjacent to the fowl house is this quince thicket that provides the ladies with cool shade and shelter and they can dive for cover here when they feel threatened by overhead larger birds of prey.

At the moment it is in blousy pale pink bloom and a beautiful quiet retreat this human too.

We have literally made it from scrap, utilising the rolls of recycled wire we already had (which dictated the height!) and the reclaimed timber from many sources including an old picnic table set. In a couple of the photos you will have spied a plastic covered structure that we now call the "poly-tunnel". In it's previous life it was the "cat cage".

The previous owners had it attached to the side of the house for their dozen plus cats to have outdoor time. Above left is one of the first photos of the yard when we moved in. The tunnel is reinforced and covered and large enough to stand upright in and will be invaluable for bringing frost tender plants on to advancement for our short growing season.

It serves a dual purpose being incorporated into the fowl yard fence line. It is firmly screwed into/between the cemented fence posts making it very secure in high winds and it becomes part of the fence itself saving us more building materials. On the back of the poly-tunnel we are building compost piles.

I've been looking for the right building project for years to be able to use these reclaimed mouldings. A bit of whimsy and definition for the yard making it a little more decorative and less utilitarian.

I'm loving the views from my kitchen window and everything is finally taking shape, getting tidied up and finding it's place.


  1. Wow, that is looking fabulous! Love a new chook pen - we are planning on getting ours done soon as it is looking decidedly shabby.

  2. Very interested to read about your new chook house and run Tanya. It looks great and how nice to have the Quince thicket for shelter and shade. Love the gate into the run. I saw some very similar in town this morning and was admiring them. Was a little sad that I didn't have a use for either of them, but your photos have given me an idea!! Of course it will have to wait till we come home from hols, but I might just have to go and snap it up now

  3. I love the twiddly-bit mouldings and gate; they really set it off nicely. What a fab idea for the cat cage. A great combination of usefulness and asthetics - especially as seen in your last photos. Good stuff, Tanya. :)

  4. It's all so lovely. Heading into autumn full force, here. Milking in the morning before sun-up, watching crop after crop wither in the garden. Just like very year, I'll be depending on your spring and summer posts to keep me sane!


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