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Monday, August 8, 2016

Callington Mill - Oatlands

The grounds of the famous Callington Mill were abuzz with activity for the heritage skills day. As you can see in the above photo, it began life in 1837 and after some major restoration over many, many months by a specialist from England a few years ago, it is a working mill today. It is a unique part of the town's skyline and a special part in its history.

The buildings are quite something and I really think the grant money used for the restorations was money well spent. If you visit Oatlands you can also take a guided tour.

Not as simple as it looks from the outside!

And of course lovingly hand packed cottage industry flours to purchase.

The Miller's Cottage

I've been soaking up plenty of garden inspiration too.

Blacksmith display.

This is the community garden also located on the grounds and over by the wall is a couple of the massive grinding stones from the mill.

The town is right on the shore of Lake Dulverton.

I'm falling in love with micro gravel paths, dry stone walls and formal box hedges.
Tomorrow I have someone very special to introduce you to. Be prepared for some serious "heritage porn" in the next post.

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  1. Oh, this is fabulous, Tanya. I love mills. We have some restored working watermills where I live, one water-powered tannery that has been working since the Mediaeval ages and a blacksmith in the original forge with a Devon thatched roof.
    I love everything about Callington Mill, especially it's sense of place in another country...great cottage and gardens too. Wonderful living history. Lovely post and photos. :)


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