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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Take a Moment For You

Take time today for yourself.
Tomorrow will be all about the food and the vacuuming etc but today, take time for yourself.
I am being entirely pragmatic about this because, come the 25th, there is nothing surer than photos.
(I have to assume that the majority of readers are female as I don't ever get comments from men but if you are out there, I'm sorry this post will probably bore you.)

Give yourself a nice face mask moment to make you feel glowing and re-newed. I also tint my brows and lashes so I won't look washed out in photos as I am going greyer and fainter. I buy the kit and do it at home saving squillions and it is dead easy. Just like putting on mascara. In fact I prefer it because I always end up with burning eyes at the salon when the peroxide invariably leaks into the eye. You'll be doing a lot of washing up over the next couple of days so give yourself a five minute hand massage with a rich emollient hand cream.

Here in Australia you'll most probably find yourself in open toe footwear so a lick of heel balm now and a bright nail varnish will make you feel groomed on the day. 
Select what you'll be wearing and make sure it's pressed and ready to throw on once Christmas morning chores are out of the way and have a double duty apron ready to protect your outfit for the day too.
My family think I am a control freak because I like everyone in white on Christmas day but honestly, family photos do turn out lovely when there is not a lot of colour competing. With neutral colouring like white, the photo seems to become about the people. If you can't get everyone on board then you are better off turning your family portrait black and white.

Aside from anything else, taking an hour for yourself today will give you some space for reflection and a moment to breathe, No matter what intentions we may have about a low key Christmas, I always find things get a little stressful juggling guests, cleaning, menu timing etc.
Feel better? Good,
OK, now go get 'em Tiger.

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  1. Love this post Tanya. If only we all took some timeout sometimes. Many Blessing to you and your "white" coordinated family. LOL


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