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Monday, November 9, 2015

Before and After - A Room Completed

Don't know about you but one of my pet favourites are before and after shots.
I think this one is pretty graphic hey!
The stone wall was once the original back wall of the house when it was first built. A lean-to would have been added some time after that when kitchens became more than huge fireplaces and running water was being connected. 

The walls were lined with tongue and groove pine boards (painted pink) and the ceiling was lined with corrugated iron and like the kitchen, the urine had seeped under the floating floor and skirting and up the wall lining. So again, it was rip out what we could and then scrub and saturate with an enzyme cleaning solution...over and over...about ten scrub downs, till the protein was broken.

And then everything coated in a special shellac based primer to act as a final barrier.
We cleaned down the stone and chipped the layers and layers from the large sandstone blocks to leave them natural.

And then plastering....

The worn window sill - so tactile.

I do like the warm brown tones of blackwood and tan leather against the fresh creamy walls.

A soft deep axminster by Brinton and this room lives happily ever after....

(This is the continuing story of our renovation and in order for it to make sense you might like to start at my post "Win Some, Lose Some" )


  1. Oh so beautiful, homey and comfortable looking. A place to sit and be relaxed. Love your color pallet.

  2. Oh Tanya! It's lovely! What a transformation! That window-sill! Those gorgeous sandstone blocks! And I bet it smells better too. I love the smell of
    fresh paint, but even if you don't, I'm guessing you'd prefer it over cat pee
    any day of the week!
    Now, how can I send you and the "plasterer" a house-warming pressie if you don't forward your bl**dy address?

  3. Is that a Margaret Court tennis racket? My mum had the very same!!

    I love a good 'before and after', and all your hard work is definitely paying off. xo


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