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Sunday, October 5, 2014

When Life Gives You Leftovers...

This is what the other side of the market looks like.
We resumed our growers' market yesterday with a soft opening.

I returned home with a few bunches of spinach and a bunch of beetroot.

For those of you who looked at our seasonal offerings of greens, beets, herbs and eggs and scratched your heads, here's what you could have made....

Simply substitute a couple of eggs from your pasta recipe for some puree.
Simply steam your beet and puree or blanch the greens and drain and pat dry before pureeing. 
If you have a Thermomix, place the beets whole in the thermo steamer with 1500g of water and cook for 25mins, varoma temp speed 3. Then place the washed and chopped greens into the top tray and varoma for a further 8 mins speed 3.
I pureed the veg in the thermomix and added 3 eggs, a splash of olive oil and 500-600g of flour. Process at 2min on interval knead. It should look a bit breadcrumby. 

It's not an exact science when working with puree, be prepared to add a little flour to get your dough right. Let it sit. Then a couple of minutes later as the gluten works it wants to come together into a ball so gather it together and place in the fridge covered for anywhere up to an hour. I find this gives a lovely elastic and silky dough.

Next make lots of lovely shapes and styles. You can leave to thoroughly dry and it will store in an air tight jar for ages. 

My favourite is "bow ties" 
Cook in boiling water till soft but still firm then drain and toss in butter and herbs, maybe add some chorizo, broad beans, mushrooms...
make a sensational spring nettle pesto...
but that's another story....


  1. I I saw some amazing beet root at our local farmers markets but didn't buy any as I haven't ever cooked with them myself. After seeing your post I will get some this weekend and lucky for me I also have a Thermomix. The pasta looks amazing. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. That makes me very happy and fulfilled! Thanks for saying ;)

  2. Oh, it looks lovely have been busy.
    Our beetroot are just about ready to start using, so will be using the recipe you posted here....Carrot and Beetroot salad. We all loved it.......
    If I wasn't packing and moving I would love to have a go at making my own pasta.
    Ok, coffee cup is nearly empty, boo.....back to packing boxes....xx

  3. Yummy, it looks divine. I must get out our pasta machine again soon!

  4. Ooooh that is beautiful, and i bet it tastes heavenly.

  5. Your greens look beautiful and the others look so yummy... oww... it makes me hungry Tanya... :)


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