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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Easy Creamy Yoghurt for a Sixth of the Cost!

Here is the easiest way I know to make good creamy yoghurt without all the sugar and thickeners of store bought.
I learned this when I went to a class at
The perfect time is just after baking the night meal so that you are taking advantage of an already heated oven but you can preheat to 150C.

Heat 1lt of milk to which you have added 50g of powdered milk, quickly to 85C then cool to 40C (another thing you can use your preserving thermometer for).
Stir in 90ml of natural yoghurt and pour into a casserole dish with a lid.
Pop it in the oven which should be roughly 150C and switch off the heat. Leave overnight and in the morning you'll have creamy set natural yoghurt.
Refrigerate and enjoy. I use it as dressing for so many things and it replaces cream and sour cream in many ways.
So for roughly $2.20 you make 1lt of natural yoghurt, saving yourself about $10 if you were to buy the equivalent natural Greek style yoghurt from the shop. So little effort for a big saving.

PS For the locals
don't forget the Living Better With Less group meets
tomorrow night 7-9pm
3 Charles St south, Launceston
(parking Howick St)
We'll be doing salve making


  1. That's the easiest recipe yet, thanks Tanya.

  2. In the cold weather you can also use a Thermos.

  3. In my experience using fresh goat milk, the mess will taste absolutely nasty fresh from the oven, thermos, or whatever. Once it is cold from refrigeration the flavor is just as it should be. So, A) don't be hasty to taste it, and B) don't toss the first batch immediately without giving it a chance to chill.

    1. Important words of experience from the goat farmer, thanks Kat. I agree, goats milk cold is way better. By the way, have you tried any other fermentations with your goat's milk? I know you make cheese too.

  4. I make mine by heating the milk to 40, adding the yoghurt and then putting it in a container which in turn goes into our esky with a woollen blanket pushed in around and over it to provide extra insulation. I then leave it overnight and then cool it in the morning.
    For Thermy made yoghurt I would ripen it in the thermoserver with a heatpack on top. :)
    I no longer use the powdered milk though and find that usually, adding a little more yoghurt helps to thicken it up a little more. If not the kids get drinking yoghurt for a week. :) I have also found that my yoghurt sets better with good quality milk and by using a good quality yoghurt in the first batch (the starter).
    it's so easy to make yoghurt at home. :)


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