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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

White, White or White?

Know what's behind this.....?

When I moved in this second abandoned fireplace was put in the too hard basket and the sideboard nicely covered all for more than 20 years. It's time to repaint so I'm going to deal with a few things properly.

All the china has been packed into tubs and the furniture cleared....

What hasn't fit into tubs is squashed onto any spare flat surface.

We've sampled different whites....

but like the rest of the planet I've chosen "Antique White USA"
Things might get a little quiet and boring on this blog for a while, the crafting projects are on hold this winter and sanding is on the agenda instead.
Do share your experiences and thoughts though about white colour schemes, it's all helpful and may save some grave mistakes....


  1. Much as I like bright white as a colour I think you're doing the right thing in making it slightly creamier. It is more restful on the eye and tones in with all other colours better...especially other whites without making them seem grubby.

  2. My walls are painted an "eggshell" white - soft and not too glaring. I like to add bold color with accessories rather than on the walls.

  3. Hey Tanya, can't help out with any ideas I'm afraid, but I think Naturally Carol and Nancy are on the ball with their comments and experiences.
    I always thought white was white and that was it, but like milk there are lots of variety and making a simple choice is not quite so. simple anymore......
    Have fun and just remember it's only paint and if it isn't right it can be changed.

    CLaire x

  4. Yes... there really are too many whites to choose from!!!

  5. Can't wait to see the transformation. I'm no help .. All through our home building process my biggest dilemma was 'painted creamy white trim moldings .. or wood stained moldings' ... white won out and I like the way it wears and eventually turns 'shabby' looking; who knew?


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