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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunflower Central

This is my attempt to try to show you how tall the Russian Giants are reaching. They are not fully open yet but they are climbing amongst the apple tree boughs. 

It's sunflower central around here this year with multi-headed bronze varieties

So cheery and enchanting to the children visiting our garden this year.

They tower above everyone's heads but the Russian Giants are reaching about....

8 feet tall !


  1. OMG that is huge lol.. but lovely to see :)) Do you keep the seed each year ??

  2. Oh my goodness...that IS tall! lol They look wonderful, Tanya.

  3. OH wow, I would love to grow Sunflowers this tall......I don't have any this season unfortunately.
    They are beautiful Tanya and I love the pics with the grey sky behind them.

    Claire x

  4. they are amazing. not sure where I could grow some--how much support do they need?

  5. Wow, they are fantastic! Have you found a satisfactory way of hulling the seeds for eating? I think I could live on sunflower seeds..

    1. Unfortunately not Jo but I do save for next year and the chooks and birds of the garden have a successful feast.


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