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Friday, September 3, 2010

Knit With Me 23

Eiffel Tower Stitch

I haven't been at my peak this last week and I couldn't even pick up the needles but I must be on the mend now....I find this stitch endearing and so appropriate for the French Fever that seems to be pervading homewares fashions at the moment.
This pattern introduces M1 which means Make 1 stitch. You do this by taking the thread over or around the needle. Very simple. This is how a lot of lace patterns are made too; making stitches and knitting them together.
In a way they also look like lots of little Xmas trees don't they. I'm thinking that this could be a useful stitch for a holiday vest for our Northern Hemisphere friends. For the Southern Hemisphere friends, what about Xmas tree decorations. I wonder what Lee from Killiecrankie Farm will make of this pattern? Not only is she a talent with hook and wool but she is also in the Christmas Tree business AND with a craft store on the side while raising a young family etc etc....

Eiffel Tower Stitch
multiples of 8 so I'm doing 48.

Row 1: *M1 (wool round needle to the front), P2 tog, P6*
Row 2, 4 & 6: *K7, P1*
Row 3, 5 & 7: *K1, P7*
Row 8 & 16: P
Row 9: *P4, M1, P2tog, P2*
Row 10, 12 & 14: *K3, P1, K4*
Row 11, 13 & 15: *P4, K1, P3*

1 comment:

  1. Call me slow on the uptake Tanya ! I have been trying to behave with my blog surfing :)

    Oh yeh thats a Chrissie Tree for sure - I can see some lovely cotton face washers for home made from this pattern (says she trying to be a practical mother).

    Eeek that would mean trying to find some knitting needles - crochet works for me at the moment - I only have to keep track of the one hook !


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